Education and Opportunities

The major graduate program offered at the Faculty of Forestry Sciences is a Doctoral Degree  “Doctorado en Ciencias Silvoagropecuarias y Veterinarias”, which is a thesis-oriented program.  This a multidisciplinary program coordinated by three faculties (Faculty of Agronomic Sciences, Faculty of Forestry Sciences and Nature Conservation, and the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences) and one research Institute (National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology). More information about this program can be found at:


The Faculty of Forestry Sciences also offers two master degree programs:

Master in Wildlands and Nature Conservation (MASCN)

Master in environmental Management  and Protection (MGPA)

Master programs offered through other Faculties provide additional opportunities to work in our Soil Ecology Laboratory:

Master in Soil and Water Management (Offered by the Department of Soil Engineering of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences at University of Chile)