2006-2007. Daniel Klein.

Daniel visited our lab when he was a graduate student at University of Münster. He studied soil C stocks in forest ecosystems near Puerto Natales, Chile. The following publication was made as a result of his visit:

  • Soil organic C as affected by silvicultural and exploitative interventions in Nothofagus pumilio forests in the Chilean Patagonia. Klein, D., Fuentes, J.P., Schmidt, A., Schmidt, H., Schulte, A. (2008): Forest Ecology and Management 255, 3549-3555.


  1. Marianela Galleguillos Santis

Marianela visited our lab as part of her doctoral program. She analyzed water-extractable DOC obtained from soil samples taken at different sclerophyll vegetation types of Central Chile.

  1. Dr. María Fernández-Raga

Dr. Fernández-Raga is currently working in the determination of soil physical changes (i.e. soil water repellency and pore size distribution) caused by fire under controlled conditions. She is a professor at Universidad de León (Spain) and her two-months visit has been founded by the “Beca Santander-Spain”.